Have you ever thought about recycling you computer, cell phone, or any other old electronics that you might be throwing away? Doing so can reduce the amount of harmful materials such as lead and mercury that enter landfills and in turn enter the ground or air.

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Every year electronic waste accounts for 1% of the total municipal waste created by us. That may not sound that big but when you hear that it is growing at a rate of 3 times compared to normal waste, and that we are growing more and more dependent on electronics, that number will grow exponentially over the next few years.

Another benefit of recycling old electronics and cell phones is the retrieval of materials such as glass and precious metals. Electronic circuit boards contain copper and steel, which once recycled can be used for other products that we use everyday.

There are other benefits besides helping the environment, such as donating old cell phones and computers to charities that refurbish the electronics and give them to people who cannot normally afford to buy these products or even schools that can’t afford computers for their students. There are tax deductions that you can get if you donate your computer or cell phone instead of throwing it in the trash as well.

We only have one earth and at the rate we’re going, we are going to ruin it for our grand-kids and they’ll either live in a world with poisonous water and air, or they won’t have a world to live in at all.

Below are several links that can help you donate or recycle your old cell phone or computer. There are also links that can help you create a donation program in your local community or school.

Recellular is a site where you can buy refurbished cell phones, recycle your old cell phone, and also start a donation program to collect used and old cellphones.

Collective Good is another site where you can donate / recycle your old cell phone, and you choose a charity to give it to so they can help the less fortunate.

Earth 911.org This link will take you to Earth911.org’s post about non-profit organizations and charities that you can donate your old electronic, computers, and cell phones to. They also have some information about the impact of not recycling your cell phones and electronics have on the environment, click here to read it.

Recycle wireless phones is another cell phone recycling website that provides some helpful links as well as information on clearing your data so that the cell phone is completely clean before you send it in.

Another option to recycle your old electronics would be to contact a junk removal company.  A good one to consider would be Just Junk.

For those of you in school grades K – 12 or have kids in school, you can check out Motorola’s Race to Recycle website by clicking here. They are collecting recycled cell phones and donating money to every school that participates.

We need to make an effort to recycle our old electronics, computers, and cell phones so we can save the environment form being poisoned by the waste produced from them.

Contact your local community offices to see if they provide a recycling service for electronic devices, or have them provide bins for people to put their discarded electronics into. We already separate our paper and plastic, it wouldn’t hurt to throw batteries and obsolete computers into another bin instead of the trash.