iPhone 8GB
Now that the iPhone has been released in the UK and has been out in the US for a while, I thought I would take the time to talk about the reasons why I won’t be buying one.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Apple as much as the next person and the iPhone has many of the features found on most cell phones on the market today and makes use of them in a much better and more user friendly way. The layout of the iPhone allows for easier internet browsing and the storage capacity for music make this one of the top tech gadgets of the year. Yet the iPhone makes use of the EDGE network, instead of the 3g network which allows for much faster data transfer speeds for downloads and streaming and is used by less advanced cell phones already on the market. It is also a very bulky, expensive product.

Now on to why I will not be buying one of these phones. First off, the price is a little steep for my budget. My phone cost me around $200 and I can browse the internet and store music on my phone just like the iPhone and even though my cell phone doesn’t have the same storage capacity, my phone runs on the 3g network, which allows me to download things faster that the iPhone can.

Secondly, is the lack of multi-carrier support. Apple made several people upset by limiting the carrier to Cingular only as well as making some people’s iPhones useless when they released a firmware update that caused many unlocked phones to not operate anymore. It took one high school student an entire summer to crack the “lock” on the iPhone, and when people started downloading the crack so they can use their phones with other carriers, Apple was forced to release a firmware update that basically broke any iPhone that was unlocked using the crack.

Third, the size of the phone, although necessary for the visibility factor, is still a little too large for a cell phone for my liking. I don’t understand how people can comfortably talk on their blackberry, and the same holds true for the iPhone. Having to rest the screen on my face while I make a call to someone seems a bit annoying and I can’t imagine how often you have to clean off the screen from all the oil and dirt from one’s face that would get on it after each call.

At one time everyone wanted their gadgets and anything technological to shrink in size for easy portability, yet this seems to be a step backwards. Some gadgets get smaller yes, but it seems that if we want to have a ton of features in our gadgets, then they are doomed to be big and bulky.

For those of you who haven’t gotten an iPhone and have the funds to buy one, you can click here to buy one from Apple’s online store