Do you buy a new cell phone every time a new model hits the market? Or how about your car, do you buy the new model every year? The answer is most likely no, it would be insanely expensive and you wouldn’t have any time to get used to the features of the older model before you have to learn how to use the new model.  Some times upgrading can be something that you would want to do, for example if the airline wants to upgrade your plane tickets to first class for free, or upgrading your anti-virus definitions to the latest versions.Mac OS Leaopard

And yet, upgrading can be one of the best or worse things you do to your computer.   Take for example Apple’s OS X Leopard.  This software touts to be the best Mac OS X to date, yet for some, upgrading caused nothing but headaches.  The infamous blue screen of death (BSOD)  showed up on several Mac users after they installed their new software.  Numerous other problems popped up during the installation of this new operating system as well.  A quick scan of any Mac user populated forum will surely have some complaints in it.  Now to be fair, the virus world has yet to infect Mac users, unlike Microsoft and its every virus / bug ridden Windows operating system.

Speaking of Windows, this brings up Windows Vista, Microsoft’s new operating system.  I don’t really know where to start Microsoft Window Vistawith this one, Vista is garbage.  The new OS was supposed to be fast and easy to use, and yet almost everyone has had problems even installing the software on their computers.  Incompatibility with certain software packages, bugs galore, and errors that tell you that the system that reports errors has errors, make Windows Vista one of the worst Windows releases since Windows ME, and I think we all remember that one.

The problem with both of these operating systems is that upgrading to them is supposed to benefit the user, and yet all they have done is cause heartache and trips to the computer repair shop for help getting past their install problems.

So the next time you’re thinking of upgrading, make sure you do a little research on any issues people are having with whatever it is you are upgrading to, and also make sure you don’t believe everything the commercial or sales rep tells you.

Any thoughts? I’d love to hear from some Mac and Windows users who have or haven’t had any problems with either Mac OS X Leopard or Windows Vista.