dr seuss cat in the hat stampWell after a short move and long time without internet I am back.  Let me tell you, moving 2 miles doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be up and running anytime soon.  Trying to snake a wire around my new apartment so that it reaches my computer was a pain.  Yet not as big a pain as changing my address.

After all these years we still haven’t found a way of integrating our address into some accessible database that can be changed for all entities linking to it.  I went to 8 different websites to update their information so they had the proper address, and I’m sure I’m missing some.  Why can’t we establish some sort of central database of addresses that all companies are linked to, that way when someone changes their address, all the companies receive an update notice of the change, and adjust their records accordingly.

This goes along the lines of integrating technology into our lives on a more personal level.  With the notion of RFID on the horizon (to be explained later)  we are nowhere near the world seen in Minority Report or even The Matrix.  I hear about companies trying to target ads to users’ cell phones, PDAs, even video capable mp3 players using some sort of targeting algorithm based on the location of the user and the location of the store doing the advertising.  And while this sounds pretty pushy, I’d rather see ads for a store I am close to, or one that I like, than be shown ads relating to geriatric products, or pet supplies.

But why are we focusing on advertising when there are other issues that could be put in place before this to make the targeting that much easier.  Allowing people to have a one stop place to change their address once would make life a little less hectic than it already is.  Imagine logging in to the website, changing your address, and in a flash, your GPS now knows your new starting address.  This could work with separate profiles as well, such as business and personal address.  Got a new job? Then sign into the database and change your work address, and all related publications, trade journals, or anything else relating to your job would be sent to the new work address.

Think about how easy it would be to update your benefits info for your job if you move.  One click, you’re done, and they’re records indicate the new place where you live.  Does this interest anyone?

I’ve said it before but we need to start integrating certain technologies into our lives now, as it will make future integrations that much easier.

Any thoughts?