Does your computer run like it used to?  Maybe it’s struggling to even start up?  You can prevent this from happening in the future as long as you run your anti spyware and anti virus software frequently.  There is no set amount of times you should run these programs, but I feel that your anti spyware programs should be run at least once a week if you’re on the computer all the time, and once every 2 weeks if you only use the computer a couple of days out of the week.

Your anti virus on the other hand should be automatically running in the background, which is known as “resident” or “resident protection”. Even though the program is running on its own I still think it’s a good idea to run this at least once a month manually.

The key to both of these programs is that they are up to date.  Making sure your definitions are the most recent versions Trojan Horsefor both your anti virus and anti spyware programs is very important.  New viruses come out faster than the companies can write ways to stop them and if you’re not up to date, you’ll be on the fast track to a hard drive that been eaten by things like Sasser, and Trojans.  No not the one’s with Helen, although similar in the sense that they both carry things in them, these Trojans carry mean files that will attack your PC.

Keeping up to date is not very tough, you just have to make sure you are vigil and keep on top of it.  I opened both my anti spyware program only to find that I was over 100 days behind.  Yikes! I hit update as fast as I could because I don’t know what I would do if my computer fell victim to spyware and viruses.

Luckily my anti virus software automatically updates itself, but even this can’t be trusted, as there are viruses that will turn off your anti virus software’s ability to auto-update, and you’ll never know.  So it’s a good idea to update both anti virus and anti spyware programs within the same day.
So let this be a reminder to update your software regularly, and scan your PC at least once a week for spyware, and once a month for viruses to keep it running like new.

How often do you update and run your virus and spyware programs?