Just wanted to put a quick post up about Google’s text messaging service. I recently found myself in need of directions while on the road and nowhere near a computer and I remembered reading about Google having some sort of text message service available for free. Well let me tell you this was a godsend.

All you have to do is send a text message to 466453 and in the body put what you want to find such as “Yardhouse, San Diego, CA”, or “15 x 4 / 3 +2” and Google will respond with the appropriate answer.  Whether it’s a simple search, math problem, or name of a business, Google will answer back with what you need.

You can even go to Google SMS and enter your cell phone number, and they’ll send you a link.  After that, you can set your default location so it knows that you want to find something in let’s say Carlsbad, CA and not Carlsbad, NM.

So give it a shot and I’ll bet you’re pleasantly surprised at how easy it is.