As a follow up to my previous Thunderbird post, I wanted to explain how to add multiple outbound SMTP accounts so all of your emails will use the proper server to send your message, just as it would if you were to send the message from the email website itself.

Thunderbird SMTP account screenOpen your Thunderbird email client and select Tools -> Account Settings. Your screen should look similar to the one on the left. Scroll all the way down on the left hand side of the window until you see Outgoing Server (circled in red) and click on it. In the space on the right you will see any SMTP accounts you have set up previously.

As I stated in my previous post, Thunderbird can handle many different accounts as long as they support POP3 or IMAP email protocols. I myself have 4 of my email accounts set up to be read through Thunderbird so all I do is start it up and 4 separate email accounts are checked at once.

After you’ve gotten to this scree you are going to click Add and another window will pop up with text areas for you to fill out with your email servers information. I posted a few links for certain email clients in my previous post so if you can’t find it, just go back to my previous post and look up the information. I listed the 3 main email services that allow POP3 and IMAP email reading, but there are some email services that do not support it yet.

Thunderbird SMTP screen 2Once you click Add you will be presented with the following screen. The Description field is there for you to give the account a name, so if you’re setting up your AOL account, you might want to put AOL email in that box. You can put any description that you want to associate with this specific SMTP server.

The server name is where you are going to put the SMTP server name, which for most email severs is For example, AOL’s SMTP is

The port should be set to what your email server uses for outbound emails. This can be found on the email information pages that I linked to in my previous post.

Your username for most email servers is going to be your full email address, not just your username.

The secure connection is only used by some email services so you’ll want to check the help pages to see which one you want to use. AOL and Gmail use the TLS, if available option.

Once you’re done entering your information hit OK. The original Account Settings window will still be open, so click on any of the email accounts you have and on the right side you’ll see a selection box for Outbound servers. Click the dropdown box and select the correct one for each email.

And that’s it, you’ve set up the outbound SMTP server for your email.