As a former employee of Geek Squad I wanted to provide a list of reasons why you shouldn’t bring your computer to them for any kind of service. Please keep in mind that this is based on the location that I personally worked in and other locations might not be like this.

1. Most of the employees that are hired do not know that much about computer repair. Geeks Squad’s philosophy on fixing a computer was to tell the customer they needed to wipe it clean and reinstall windows. Countless times this was how computers were fixed behind the bench at the place where I worked. I even had one co-worker asked me how to unplug the hard drive.

2. Geek Squad overcharges for jobs that anyone with a little bit of technical know-how could accomplish. Would you have someone come over to boil some water for you? Or have them vacuum your carpet and then pay them? Well it may seem silly but that’s the equivalent of having Geek Squad install software for you. And they charge a fee from $20 – $50 depending on the software ( I haven’t worked there in a few years so the price may be different).

3. The “technicians” are more like salesman. Everyone behind the counter is told to push certain products with every service they ring up. I will agree with them Geek Squad Logothat you need anti virus and anti spyware, but you don’t need to pay for the software they sell because you can get really good software for free online.

4. If one of the Geek Squad technicians messes up, they will just wipe your computer and blame it on a virus. There were times that some of the workers ran software that wasn’t part of the approved list of software and ruined people’s computers. Then when the customer asked what the status of the repair was, the worker would tell them they had a virus and needed their PC to be wiped clean and have the OS reinstalled.

5. All your personal pictures were taken off the PC for personal use. A lot of Geek Squad work stations are behind the counter where customers can’t watch the technicians work on the computers. Most of the time the first thing the technician would do is search for personal pictures of the person who owned the computer. If any pictures were found they would be downloaded onto a thumb drive and taken home at the end of the day.

Here are 2 links that contain confessions from a Geek Squad and Firedog technician. Confessions of a Firedog employee, Geek Squad confession.

I hope this has shown you that Geek Squad should be your last resort for PC repair. Next time you need some computer work done, ask around your workplace to see if someone can help you out. Even your company’s IT department would be a better place to ask questions.