After being laid off a few weeks ago I found a good reason to go out and get a printer so I can finally print out my resume and give it out at interviews ( should there be any) and I was absolutely taken back by the outright blasphemy of the prices of printer cables.  Now it should be noted that most new printers do NOT come with the USB A/B cable that is needed to connect them to the computer, and the way retail stores are making money is by charging a horrendous markup on printer cables.  But fear not because there is a way around the $30 – $40 outrage you see at stores like Best Buy and Circuit City.

See we live in an age where internet shopping is easily the best alternative to shopping in a retail store and it’s surprising that so many people get suckered into buying at the store instead of shopping online for a better price. As you can see this cable from amazon is $25 cheaper than the store brand cable that you can buy at Best Buy (Dynex is best buy’s own brand in case you didn’t know) and it’s the same quality.

I’ve been trying to figure out how these companies get away with charging such a high price for items that can be bought for significantly cheaper online. You’d figure that they would be forced to change their prices but they don’t.

I just wanted to help you all save some money the next time you buy a new printer by avoiding the cables at the retail stores and instead buy them online.

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