When I am at work I try to find ways of getting certain mundane things done faster.  In most cases it has to do with finding my way around my PC and searching through folders or running a certain program.  In my journey’s to find quicker ways of working in Windows I have found that the Windows Key on the keyboard is a lifesaver.  Below is a list of my top Windows Key Shortcuts that will enhance your productivity and in some cases hide your web browser game from your boss 🙂

In case anyone is wondering which key I am talking about, it’s the one seen at the right.  So without any more delay, here is the list of windows key shortcuts that will make your Windows browsing experience a little better.  In case anyone doesn’t know, to perform these shortcuts you need to hold the Windows key and then press any of the letters shown below.

  • Windows Key + E – Opens the Windows Explorer window.  This will allow you to find that folder you are looking for faster than double clicking your way through My Computer and the C: drive.
  • Windows Key + R – Opens the Run: command window.  This is useful if you run certain programs like msconfig or sysedit.  This is mainly for advanced PC users
  • Windows Key + D – Instantly brings you to the desktop.  This can be a lifesaver if you are surfing the internet and you see your boss walk by and you need to be back at the desktop screen fast.  It also helps if you load something that takes a while to load, as this will allow you to get to the desktop and cancel the program that is freezing.
  • Windows Key + F – This will open the Window Search window.  This can be helpful if you are looking for files on your computer that you can’t seem to remember where you left them.
  • Windows Key + M – This command will minimize all of your windows to the Taskbar.  This is similar to the Windows Key + D shortcut.
  • Windows Key – Pressing just the Windows Key will open the start menu.

So there you have it, all the Windows Key shortcuts you need to know to help you be more productive at work, or in the case of Windows Key + D, a little more sly about your web surfing 🙂

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