To follow up my post about Windows keyboard shortcuts, and to appease my mac readers out there I wanted to put up a quick reference guide for the most useful Mac keyboard shortcuts.  Remember, keyboard shortcuts will make your life so much easier once you start using them on a regular basis.  Below you will find my list of the most useful Mac keyboard shortcuts.

Now keep in mind that when using these shortcuts that you have the proper menu at the time. For example, if the keyboard shortcut you want to use is listed as a Finder Menu shortcut, then you must make sure that the menu at the top of the screen says “Finder”, otherwise you will be using a shortcut that might not be available at the time.

For Those of you who are unfamiliar with Mac keyboards, the command key is the one that looks like this:mac-command-key

  • Shift-Command-Delete     Finder Menu     Empty Trash
  • Command-Delete     File Menu     Move to Trash
  • Shift-Command-N     File Menu     New Folder
  • Command-N     File Menu     New Finder window
  • Command-O     File Menu     Open
  • Command-S     File Menu     Save
  • Command-P     File Menu     Print
  • Command-I     File Menu     Get Info
  • Command-D     File Menu     Duplicate
  • Command-L     File Menu     Make Alias
  • Command-R     File Menu     Show original
  • Command-E     File Menu     Eject
  • Command-F     File Menu     Find
  • Command-Z     Edit Menu     Undo
  • Command-X     Edit Menu     Cut
  • Command-C     Edit Menu     Copy
  • Command-V     Edit Menu     Paste
  • Command-A     Edit Menu     Select All
  • Command-T     File Menu     Add to Favorites (Mac OS X 10.2.8 or earlier), Add to Sidebar (Mac OS X10.3 or later—use Shift-Command-T for Add to Favorites)

So there you have it, Easy Tech Talk’s list of most useful Mac keyboard shortcuts.  Do you have a shortcut that you use often that isn’t listed here?  Leave a comment and tell me about it and I’ll update my list with it.