Before I moved out to California I worked as a home theater installer for Magnolia Home Theater and the salesmen there would try to sell expensive premium cables to each customer that they helped.  A lot of the premium cable manufacturers would claim extra features like EMI (electromagnetic interference) shielding, or Uni directional electricity flow, which by the way is a load of garbage.  The biggest problem with these premium cables is that most people are not educated on what cables are made of or how they work.

Most cables are made out of wrapped pairs of wires, which you can imagine can’t really vary that much from one cable to the next.  Now each of these wires will be wrapped in some sort of insulation that prevents them from touching each other when they’re inside the main cable.  This is where some cables might have a thicker insulation than others, but they are still basically the same wire.  Now there is a way that some cables will differ from others in that they will have a shielding wrapped around them to protect from electromagnetic interference, which is static that comes from electrical components.

Recently I received an HDMI cable from and I can tell you that this cable is just as good as some premium brands that will remain unnamed (mainly because they feel the need to sue everyone) I put it through a little bit of a rough test banging it around and forcing it into and out of the connectors on my T.V. and it still worked fine.

If you were to cut open premium cables and discount cables you’d find that inside they are almost identical.  The only thing that really separates premium from discount cables are the type of connector on the end.  And that can only go so far as HDMI cables all have the same type of connector.

Now throughout the course of time that I worked for Magnolia, I had several premium cables fail on me right out of the box some of which cost upwards of $100 or more.  The cable I got in the mail costs $9.99. Why would anyone want to pay so much for a cable they can get for a fraction of the price?  I’m not just saying this because they gave me a free cable, as I have plenty of cables that I already use and this is just a bonus one for my next T.V. purchase, but this cable is just as good as the others.  It feels sturdy, it’s got some of the same features as premium cables such as gold connectors and being certified HDMI.

Do you have a preference on what cables you use?  Do you stick to one brand or do you shop around and look for good deals?  Let everyone know in the comments section.