After missing the opportunity to make a holiday gift list last year, I’ve decided to pick one gift this year that I feel is one of the best holiday gifts to give someone, especially someone who is into technology and gadgets. The Flip MinoHD Camcorder camcorder is an excellent holiday gift for someone you know who is on the go or someone who is extremely mobile.  This little camcorder can store up to an hour of HD video in its 4GB internal memory and has a flip out USB plug, which eliminates the need to carry a cable around with you to hook it up to your computer. It’s lightweight and compact which makes it easy to carry around so you can capture all the crazy hijinx that you might get into at a moments notice, and it also comes with its own software which will allow you to edit your video and email it to anyone you want.  It also allows you easy upload access to any of your favorite sites like Facebook, Youtube, or Myspace. In today’s ever growing fast paced mobile world it’s good to have a portable camcorder on you so you are able to capture video of any event you are at.  With the Flip MinoHD’s small size, you are almost always guaranteed that you will be able to take it anywhere that might not allow camcorders such as a concert or even a private event. I was a little worried when I first saw the flip out USB plug on the Flip MinoHD but after having the chance to use one of my friends’ and play with it a little bit, I found it was able to withstand a pretty solid amount of abuse without damaging the plug or the camcorder. All in all the Flip MinoHD Camcorder is an amazing holiday gift for that one person you can’t think of anything to get.  And it’s pretty fairly priced for an HD camcorder of its size.