I recently had the pleasure of being asked to check out and talk about GalleryHosted.com and let me tell you that I’m glad that it happened. I was informed that it was going to be extremely simple to upload large groups of images and share it with anyone I wanted to. I went through the basic upload and also created an account to see how quickly these tasks could be completed. Below is my review of what I found at GalleryHosted.com.

The first thing that you will notice when you go to GalleryHosted.com is that the site immediately allows you to upload a large group of images (up to 300 at once) without the need to create an account. You are also allowed to specify the thumbnail size that you want the images to be displayed at once they are finished uploading. As far as uploading goes, you are given 2 options, the first option is your standard upload where you can browse your computer and select the images that you want. The second option is a bulk URL option that  you can choose the urls where you other images might be already uploaded to other sites such as flickr or photobucket and upload them directly to GalleryHosted. Both of these methods are quite fast compared to other sites that I’ve uploaded to and when they were finished I was presented with an easy to view page with all my images on it and all the corresponding links that I would want for either sharing or downloading. Image upload speeds were very fast which is a huge plus and there is no storage limit.

This brings me to my next discovery of the site, and that is they allow downloads of either select images or entire galleries. That’s right, I said entire galleries! So if you are a photographer that needs to allow someone to download their whole wedding photo gallery, or a digital artist who wants to provide a quick way to download a portfolio of images, GalleryHosted is your choice for image uploading and sharing. I know it sounds a little cheesy but I was very impressed with this option and as far as I can tell they are one of only a few sites if not the only site that allows full downloads of galleries in one shot.

Once you have uploaded your images and go to the gallery in which they are hosted, you are provided with one of the sleekest image viewers I’ve seen in a long time. There is a row of thumbnails at the top of the page which display an expanded thumbnail if you hover your mouse over them. You are also given the option to view the gallery as a grid or slideshow. I prefer the grid view as it doesn’t require a new window or tab to open up and is quite fast at loading up.

Overall the site design of GalleryHosted.com is extremely clean and very user friendly. The only ads I could find were at the bottom of the gallery once it was uploaded and they were non-intrusive albeit in French. I would recommend creating an account as the registration was a snap and once you’ve complete the registration you are given the option to delete galleries that you’ve uploaded while logged in to your account.

I highly recommend GalleryHosted.com as an image hosting and sharing site and am definitely going to be utilizing their service as often as I can.

If you’ve used GalleryHosted.com before and would like to share your experience please leave a comment below.