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Overpriced Printer Cables

After being laid off a few weeks ago I found a good reason to go out and get a printer so I can finally print out my resume and give it out at interviews ( should there be any) and I was absolutely taken back by the outright blasphemy of the prices of printer cables.  […]

5 tech gifts for the holidays: #4 Pleo Dinosaur & #5 Nintendo Wii

The moment you’ve all been waiting for has finally arrived, the top 2 gifts for my 5 tech gifts for the holidays list. These are the best of the best my friends, the gifts that no one should be without. So without further ado, here they are. #4 Is the Pleo Dinosaur. This little guy […]

5 tech gifts for the holidays: #2 Harmony 1000 & #3 Palmsize RC Helicopter

To continue the list of tech gifts for the holidays, I present you with 2 more ideal tech items that make even the most tech savvy person drool. The #2 item on my top 5 list of tech items is the Logitech Harmony 1000 Advanced Universal Remote. This sweet all-in-one remote has a color touch […]

5 tech gifts for the holidays: #1 Canon SD850

It’s that time again, a time for eggnog, sugar cookies, and of course a time for everyone to start sweating over what to get people for the holidays. Well don’t worry, I’ve got your back. This will be the first of a 5 part series of the top 5 gifts to buy for that special […]

Cache and cookies, two things we love in real life and hate on the internet.

Cache (pronounced cash) and cookies are two terms that get thrown around the internet more than those controversial celebrity videos. Seriously though, cookies and cache perform some very important tasks for users of the internet especially if you are always on the web, or do a lot of online shopping. Lets start off with cookies. […]