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When should you run anti spyware / anti virus?

Does your computer run like it used to?  Maybe it’s struggling to even start up?  You can prevent this from happening in the future as long as you run your anti spyware and anti virus software frequently.  There is no set amount of times you should run these programs, but I feel that your anti […]

5 things anti-spyware software should do but doesn’t

With spyware taking over at an alarming pace as the next problem that computer users have to face, companies left and right are developing software solutions that claim to remove all known traces of spyware from your machine. I recently tried out a few of these anti-spyware programs (which will remain nameless) and I found […]

Some helpful links to promote PC health

I do some freelance PC repair and I just wanted to share a few links for software that I use when fixing computers that you should visit and get the software provided on each site; as each of them will help you fight off spyware, unscatter your files, and prevent viruses from attacking your computer. […]