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Thinking Blog laptop giveaway

The Thinking Blog is holding a contest to giveaway a free laptop. The laptop is made by Ruff PC and if you haven’t heard, it’s a rugged, water resistant, bad-ass laptop that is made from a magnesium alloy that allows it to survive many harsh conditions that would cause other laptops to fail miserably. So […]

AI is going haywire, robotic cannon kills 9

I recently did a post asking what people’s stances were on AI and if we are going to far, and what would happen if the machines turned against us.  Today Wired has a news story which you can read here.  A robotic cannon has malfunctioned and spun around wildly launched explosives in all directions, killing […]

Blog Rush added to this site

I have joined blog rush and added the widget on this site.  You can view the widget down a little bit and on the left side of this page.  The widget will show headlines from other tech blogs and provide a one stop area for recent posts made by similar blogs.  If you click on […]

Blog Action Day

I’ve added my site to participate in Blog Action Day and if anyone here reading has a blog you should sign up and help their cause, the reach that this site has is amazing and it’s cause is just as great. Click the link below to go to the site: Blog Action Day Bookmark on […]

DCR Blogs’ story links

Just wanted to do a quick post to thank DCR Blogs for including me in their story of links. Check them out here when you get the chance, the stories are pretty creative. Keep an eye out later for another post and have a happy labor day weekend. Bookmark on Delicious Digg this post Recommend […]

Hello and welcome to the new site

It was an adventure to say the least but I am finally finishing up the transfer of the site and will have things up and running shortly. Keep checking back for updates. Bookmark on Delicious Digg this post Recommend on Facebook Buzz it up Mixx it up share via Reddit Share with Stumblers Tweet about […]