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Windows Key Shortcuts

When I am at work I try to find ways of getting certain mundane things done faster.  In most cases it has to do with finding my way around my PC and searching through folders or running a certain program.  In my journey’s to find quicker ways of working in Windows I have found that […]

Interview with Frostwire Lead Dev

Here ya go folks, after posting about how bad Limewire is, I was contacted by Frostwire’s lead developer Angel Leon and had the chance to ask him a few questions about Frostwire and open source development. Easy Tech Talk: What made you decide to get into open source projects? Angel Leon: Ever since I was […]

Creating Strong Passwords

I’ve come to realize that in today’s world people are worried about identity theft and invasions of privacy, but they fail to protect themselves on a very basic level… their passwords.  The password you use for your credit card site or bank account login is just as important as shredding your credit card statements after […]

Defrag your hard drive to speed up your computer

Have you noticed that your computer is running a slower than it normally does?  Have you recently added a new program or saved a bunch of new pictures to your hard drive?  You might want to consider running a defrag program to straighten out your hard drive. When you save files to your computer, it […]

The Problem with Windows System Restore

When you get a new computer that has Microsoft Windows installed you can safely assume that previous features will be included with your current system. If you get a computer that has a newer version of the operating system on it such as Windows Vista you might wonder what has changed and what is still […]

Overpriced Printer Cables

After being laid off a few weeks ago I found a good reason to go out and get a printer so I can finally print out my resume and give it out at interviews ( should there be any) and I was absolutely taken back by the outright blasphemy of the prices of printer cables.  […]

The most important keyboard shortcut that you should know

There are many things that can ruin something you are working on while sitting at your computer.  Maybe it’s a presentation that you are creating for your boss at work, or the new website layout you’re designing in photoshop, or even just a letter that you are writing to someone and if any one of […]

Make your computer start faster!

After owning a computer for a certain amount of time, you’ll start to acquire quite a list of programs that feel the need to wedge themselves into your startup folder, which in turn can make your computer’s start time slower.  There are a few ways of stopping programs from running immediately when windows starts up.  […]