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Speed up your PC

Have you noticed that your PC isn’t running as fast as it used to?  There are many reasons as to why it might be running slow and the one that goes unnoticed the most is your registry.  The registry is a section of your pc where certain program settings are stored and it should only […]

Local Computer Tech Support

I thought I would follow up my post about not using Geek Squad with a short list of some of the things I would look for in tech support when I can’t fix a computer problem myself. If you notice that your computer is running slow and you might suspect a virus or spyware, you […]

Don’t use Geek Squad

As a former employee of Geek Squad I wanted to provide a list of reasons why you shouldn’t bring your computer to them for any kind of service. Please keep in mind that this is based on the location that I personally worked in and other locations might not be like this. 1. Most of […]

When should you run anti spyware / anti virus?

Does your computer run like it used to?  Maybe it’s struggling to even start up?  You can prevent this from happening in the future as long as you run your anti spyware and anti virus software frequently.  There is no set amount of times you should run these programs, but I feel that your anti […]

Destroying hard drive data

Here’s a video showing you one good way to destroy your hard drive data, so that identity thieves can’t get their hands on it. PLEASE NOTE: DO NOT DO THIS UNLESS YOU ARE SURE YOU DON’T NEED YOUR HARD DRIVE ANYMORE! Bookmark on Delicious Digg this post Recommend on Facebook Buzz it up Mixx it […]

Hitatchi animation for 1 TByte hard drive

Hitatchi recently released their 1 terabyte hard drive and they have a small flash animation to explain how they accomplished this.  I thought it was pretty interesting and you should click here to check it out. Bookmark on Delicious Digg this post Recommend on Facebook Buzz it up Mixx it up share via Reddit Share […]

Closed Captions provided by…

Have you ever wondered how closed captions work?  Me too, and apparently so did the group of guys that were sitting next to me at the bar the other night. For live programs, anything that is spoken throughout the broadcast is transcribed by a person using stenotype or steno mask type of machines, and then […]

Does your brain hurt from all the CPU, GHz, RAM, and HDD out there?

Ok this will be sort of a list post. I am going to define the terms most commonly used with computers so you’ll get a basic understanding of what all these things mean. CPU – Central Processing Unit – this is the workhorse of your computer. It does all the calculations and process management necessary […]