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Blu-Ray or HD-DVD, choose your disc.

 Many of you know that there is a war going on. No I’m not talking about Iraq, I’m talking about the format war between HD-DVD and Blu-Ray. These 2 formats of high definition discs are vying to become the standard format for hi-def home theaters. Similar to Beta-max and VHS back in the day. HD-DVDs […]

No large commercial OLEDs until 2010

Ubergizmo just put this post up talking about Samsung’s product roadmap, which shows that they won’t have any large scale commercial OLED TVs until 2010. Seems like a long time to wait but I’d rather wait for them to get the kinks out before releasing defective TVs. Read Ubergizmo’s post here Read about Sony’s OLED […]

Sony confirms OLED by December 1st

Sony has confirmed that they will be releasing their first generation OLED TVs in early December in Japan. No you are not seeing things, that is actually how thin this OLED is. Now this might not sound that interesting but look at it this way, they are going to start manufacturing an HDTV that has […]

Have you seen my DLP?

DLP is being used in televisions today to make crystal clear images appear on the screen. The term DLP itself means Digital Light Processing.  Basically there is a small microchip with tiny mirrors on it, which accepts light from a bulb that shines through a color wheel and the the mirrors twist and turn to […]

Let’s talk about HDTV

I’m sure a lot of you out there have heard the term HDTV. TV’s are getting more and more sophisticated as the years go on and so are the terms used to describe them. So let’s take a little stroll into HDTV land and see what we can come up with. First of all, the […]