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GalleryHosted.com Review

I recently had the pleasure of being asked to check out and talk about GalleryHosted.com and let me tell you that I’m glad that it happened. I was informed that it was going to be extremely simple to upload large groups of images and share it with anyone I wanted to. I went through the […]

Creating Strong Passwords

I’ve come to realize that in today’s world people are worried about identity theft and invasions of privacy, but they fail to protect themselves on a very basic level… their passwords.  The password you use for your credit card site or bank account login is just as important as shredding your credit card statements after […]

Pagerank issues

Recently I’ve been pondering the whole pagerank system that Google has in place. Now I know there was a big fallout when Google re-evaluated the pagerank of many sites but that isn’t what I’m talking about here. What I am wondering is how do normal webpages, such as a real estate site, or check cashing […]

Firefox tips and tricks

Do you use Firefox as your internet browser? If not, you should be, it’s easily the best browser out there. I wanted to take a moment and provide some tips and tricks that you can use with Firefox to make browsing easier. 1. Having trouble reading the text on the page? Hold ctrl and scroll […]

When should you run anti spyware / anti virus?

Does your computer run like it used to?  Maybe it’s struggling to even start up?  You can prevent this from happening in the future as long as you run your anti spyware and anti virus software frequently.  There is no set amount of times you should run these programs, but I feel that your anti […]

Avoid scams online by watching your URLs

Just wanted to post this quick tip to help prevent everyone from getting sucked into scams online. We’ve all heard about the Nigeria email scams roaming the internet, and the infamous Melissa virus, which spread through email as well, yet following this simple tip I’m about to show you will protect your personal information and […]

Legal music downloads? For free?

A new site has launched called Spiral Frog, and it is allowing users to download music for free with one catch, advertisements are shown with your music download. They are boasting over a million songs in their download selection. This looks like it might be a good alternative to sites such as Napster and iTunes. […]

Advertising on the internet is becoming viral and it’s spreading fast!

A topic that is making headlines recently is the term viral. Viral marketing, viral advertising, and viral videos are 3 common references to this term. If you have heard it you know that it’s spreading fast, and that’s exactly what it means. Viral marketing uses pre-existing social networks to rapidly spread the word about a […]