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Cache and cookies, two things we love in real life and hate on the internet.

Cache (pronounced cash) and cookies are two terms that get thrown around the internet more than those controversial celebrity videos. Seriously though, cookies and cache perform some very important tasks for users of the internet especially if you are always on the web, or do a lot of online shopping. Lets start off with cookies. […]

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Videocast, Podcasts, and Webcasts oh my!

Chances are you’ve heard one of these terms while surfing the web.  All three terms are generally the same thing with slight difference in them.   If you want to listen to someone talk about something specific in the news, or hear a debate you might find these terms very useful. Videocasts and Podcasts are […]

HTML, what is it?

If you’ve spent more than a few minutes on the internet, you have most likely seen the term HTML. HTML stand for HyperText Markup Language, it is a simple programming language that is used to make web pages. If you keep an eye on the location bar (the area on your browser where you type […]