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Blog Action Day: Poverty

Today is Blog Action Day and I wanted to write a little bit about how poverty has affected technology in my eyes.  Each year bloggers all over the world unite under one topic and post about it to hopefully make a difference in the world. The most obvious and recent event that I can think […]

The secret behind Michael Phelps’ speed

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past week or so, you’ve probably seen Michael Phelps set an Olympic record for 8 consecutive Gold medals won by a single Olympian.  Phelps is one of the greatest Olympic swimmers of all time and he recently modeled Speedo’s new LZR Racer swimsuit and I wanted […]

The Technology Age is Over

Technology as you know it has ceased to advance beyond its current state and it will never advance again.  No new ipod models, new cell phone features, or even new television sets.   This applies to all avenues of technology, not just consumer electronics.  Medical technology has stopped advancing as well, which means no new medicine […]

Firefox tips and tricks

Do you use Firefox as your internet browser? If not, you should be, it’s easily the best browser out there. I wanted to take a moment and provide some tips and tricks that you can use with Firefox to make browsing easier. 1. Having trouble reading the text on the page? Hold ctrl and scroll […]

Addressing an issue

Well after a short move and long time without internet I am back.  Let me tell you, moving 2 miles doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be up and running anytime soon.  Trying to snake a wire around my new apartment so that it reaches my computer was a pain.  Yet not as big a pain as […]

How often do you do it?

Do you buy a new cell phone every time a new model hits the market? Or how about your car, do you buy the new model every year? The answer is most likely no, it would be insanely expensive and you wouldn’t have any time to get used to the features of the older model […]

Innovation is dead

Advances in technology move at a tremendous speed, and yet where are the gadgets and tools that would make life easier.  Fully integrated into our lifestyles to help make everyday mundane tasks a thing of the past.  Only recently have companies like LG and Apple begun to create products that make things easier.  Cell phones […]

Credit card of the future!

YankoDesign posted this concept credit card created by Jacob Palmborg, and it is by far one of the better ideas on how we should be integrating technology into our lives. You can read the post here Bookmark on Delicious Digg this post Recommend on Facebook Buzz it up Mixx it up share via Reddit Share […]