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Windows Key Shortcuts

When I am at work I try to find ways of getting certain mundane things done faster.  In most cases it has to do with finding my way around my PC and searching through folders or running a certain program.  In my journey’s to find quicker ways of working in Windows I have found that […]

The Problem with Windows System Restore

When you get a new computer that has Microsoft Windows installed you can safely assume that previous features will be included with your current system. If you get a computer that has a newer version of the operating system on it such as Windows Vista you might wonder what has changed and what is still […]

Make your computer start faster!

After owning a computer for a certain amount of time, you’ll start to acquire quite a list of programs that feel the need to wedge themselves into your startup folder, which in turn can make your computer’s start time slower.  There are a few ways of stopping programs from running immediately when windows starts up.  […]

How often do you do it?

Do you buy a new cell phone every time a new model hits the market? Or how about your car, do you buy the new model every year? The answer is most likely no, it would be insanely expensive and you wouldn’t have any time to get used to the features of the older model […]

To hibernate, or not to hibernate?

There are 2 ways of putting your computer into a mode where it will preserve your work, and save on power when you’re not using it.  These 2 methods are hibernate and standby. Standby mode will cut the power to any hardware or peripherals your computer or laptop is not using at the time you […]