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Mac Keyboard Shortcuts

To follow up my post about Windows keyboard shortcuts, and to appease my mac readers out there I wanted to put up a quick reference guide for the most useful Mac keyboard shortcuts.  Remember, keyboard shortcuts will make your life so much easier once you start using them on a regular basis.  Below you will […]

Windows Key Shortcuts

When I am at work I try to find ways of getting certain mundane things done faster.  In most cases it has to do with finding my way around my PC and searching through folders or running a certain program.  In my journey’s to find quicker ways of working in Windows I have found that […]

The most important keyboard shortcut that you should know

There are many things that can ruin something you are working on while sitting at your computer.  Maybe it’s a presentation that you are creating for your boss at work, or the new website layout you’re designing in photoshop, or even just a letter that you are writing to someone and if any one of […]